• Open Source

    The Citizen CMS is built on Drupal open-source software, so any new functionality developed once can be reused and shared across all The Citizen CMS websites.

  • Cost Effective

    Stay clear of the licensing trap! Reduce implementation, maintenance and support cost by using dynamic pre-built solution.

  • Fresh Mobile-First Themes

    The mobile-first approach based on the latest tech adapts to different screen sizes and device capabilities has touch-screen support. It provides optimized performance and increases usability.

  • Accessible

    The Citizen CMS is an inclusive solution that ensures that the website developed caters to each user even one with special needs.

  • Secure

    Proactively tested and maintained solutions to achieve government standards and keep off threats to agency websites.

  • Multilingual

    Multiple language module enables the creation of a diversified website that caters to a wide audience base.

  • Curator Workflow & Auditing

    Includes a sophisticated workflow for both simple and complex website administration processes. Content versioning and version management based on roles and permissions you have.

  • Highly Customisable

    Enable only those solution modules that you want to use. Agencies can implement their own themes, customize branding and build upon the provided solution as per their business needs.

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility

    The Citizen CMS offers cross-browser compatibility both in the front-end & back-end, supporting Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and IE8+.

  • Analytics

    The Citizen CMS allows users to collect website analytics by embedding the Google analytics code. It can also be further customized to create dashboards and regular reports.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Optimize your website for search engines and reach a bigger audience- create customized URL paths, custom page titles, renovate sitemap.xml and include targeted key-worded site content.